Custom Cut Glass and Custom Mirrors

We can cut glass or mirror to virtually any shape or size whether it’s for the bathroom, hallway, kitchen or living room, indoors, outdoors, or vehicles. There are so many thicknesses and types of glass for you to choose from along with beveling.

comes in clear | acid etched | grey | bronze

Other options include;

  • Glass 3mm, 5mm and selected patterns
  • Plexiglass and lexan in 3mm and 5mm
  • Custom Tempered Glass 4mm-12mm in thickness available

Glass & Mirror Types:

Plate Glass : This general purpose plate glass is available in custom sizes and various widths including 8mm, 10mm and 12mm thickness. Additionally many patterned or obscure glass types are available for order.

we stock 3mm & 5mm

Tempered Glass : Strengthened by chemical and thermal treatments this strong safety glass crumbles when broken reducing the possibilities of injury. This makes tempered glass ideal, and often required, for certain projects such as the frameless showers glass and doors we install. Various thicknesses, sizes and patterns are available.

All tempered glass is custom.

Laminate Glass : This safety glass is typically two pieces of glass bonded to a clear laminate inner layer. This process creates a spiderweb effect when broken reducing possible injury making laminate ideal for vehicle glass and used in Skylights.

Mirror : We carry standard size mirrors and can cut to custom sizing, including holes and bevels.

we stock 3mm, 5mm, 5mm with Bevel.

Plexiglass & Lexan : These light weight and durable thermoplastics are an alternative to glass. Ideal for multiple uses Plexiglass and Lexan can be cut to order.  Lexan is a more durable UV treated option than Plexiglass.

we stock clear 3mm, 5mm

Fire-Resistant Glass(PyroCeram™) : For heat sensitive projects such as woodstoves/fireplaces there are various specialty glass available depending on the application.

Georgian Polish Wire Glass: A tried, true and trusted Fire-Rated glazing solution. This monolithic glass contains an integral wire mesh within the body of the glass. It offers reliable fire-resistant performance in a wide range of applications.